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2 dogsSome misguided people believe that the internet was created so that academic institutions could share their research and build on the universal body of knowledge by publishing it in an internationally accessible forum. Others believe the internet was invented as a mutual pet appreciation platform. Obviously the latter is correct because there is an abundance of unsubstantiated, nonacademic and unreferenced rubbish on the web but few blogs entitled, “I hate my cat.” This is why I have avoided blogging about my dogs. They are a cause of great stress in my life, but I realize that if I admit this, my blog readership will fall into the negative and people I don’t really know will unfriend me on facebook. (more…)


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Got the Doggie

So Doggie finally arrived. We didn’t go and fetch it, it was delivered to our door by a Specialized Pet Delivery Service.  When I phoned to find out when the delivery was going to take place I was told by my personal travel consultant that doggie in question had landed 20 minutes ago and a company representative (Vaughaun) was waiting for it at the airport.  I was given updates on the doggy’s progress every 20 minutes after that. If I sent my three year old on an unaccompanied flight I doubt if she would receive such careful attention.

Why you may ask, if I live in the biggest city in Sub Saharan Africa does the dog have to be imported from another part of the country? Surely in a city of 4 million people there must be a golden retriever breeder closer at hand? It’s not as if we  were looking for a long haired, miniature dalmation.  Apparently dogs don’t like to breed in Winter so it has to come from the coast where it is warmer. I find this hard to believe, Golden Retrievers  are a popular breed  family dog, surely there must be money to be made all year round. (wouldn’t underfloor heating work here?)   In fact someone asked me today if I bought this breed to go with my family sized Subaru? Is there a dog / car pairing programme that I am not aware of and if so what dogs go with Alfa Romeos?


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