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game_of_thrones_wallpaper__seven_noble_houses_by_mcnealy-d4tbx4eNow that I am gainfully unemployed I am filling my time, as I promised myself I would when I was in the thick of the MBA, by getting obsessively involved in a television series. It seemed like the kind of thing that people with leisure time on their hands would do. My hypothesis has been proved correct. My addiction of choice is Game of Thrones, and series 4 starts on Friday and I can hardly wait.

My daughter calls it “ Harry Potter for adults”, she walked in on me watching it one day, and caught a scene with the dragons. Harry Potter also has dragons, swords and magic, but not as much sex and graphic violence. If my children are home when I am watching it I have to keep one finger on the pause button in case they wander in, because at any given moment someone might either be getting their throat slit (the preferred method of character termination) or be slipping out of their pants or dress (none of the characters in the series appear to wear any underwear). But unlike Harry Potter where the lines between good and evil are age appropriately drawn in black and white, the boundaries here are deliciously blurred. (more…)


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