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I’ve never been a fan of butter cream icing. It isn’t the miracle decorating medium it is made out to be – it is difficult to spread, is either too stiff or too sloppy, collects crumbs and breaks your hands when trying to pipe it. It also needs heavy machinery to make, especially since I consider sifting icing sugar to be the number one most tedious kitchen chore. I just toss the butter and sugar into the Kenwood cake mixer and turn it on high for a very long time.  No lumps survive force 10 pulverisation.

I have tried other icings, Royal icing is nice for biscuits, doesn’t work for three dimensional Barbie cakes. I have tried Italian Meringue, aka 7 minute icing, although it didn’t take 7 minutes to make (it was more like 12 anxious minutes watching beating egg white and boiling sugar syrup trying to make friends in my cake mixer) and my children hated it, which disqualifies it for the Value for Effort certification. It also covers your kitchen in a fine, but irritating, layer of stickiness. I have finally found an icing that works for me. I like to call it satin icing because the texture is smoother and creamier than buttercream, it is easier to work with, stays glossy and luxurious and is just generally much nicer. (more…)


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